Discover my individual coaching package

In person coaching in Rogil, Portugal or online.

THRIVE IN LIFE individual program is a coaching package that consist of 6 coaching sessions and email support inbetween sessions.

It’s designed to support women in their personal and professional goals. There is a structure to it, however it’s fully customised to your needs and goals.

Change does not happen over night, it’s a process that needs attention, consciousness and time. From my experience 6 sessions in 3 months is an optimal time for transformation to take place, new habits to appear and new realizations to become reality.

This is a great way to start your journey to:

Feminine Power

Discover your strengths, tap into your feminine power and find your purpose.


Create life you want to have through finding clarity, no more sacrifices!

Remove False Beliefs

Identity false beliefs that are holding you back. Discover who you really are.


Gain self-confidence and effectively purse new personal and professional destinations.

Do you feel?

Unfulfilled or dissatisfied with some aspects of your life

Stressed, pressured or overwhelmed

Anxious and not in a flow

Unappreciated, lost or ungrounded

Deprived of ‘me time’ or ‘creative time’

Constantly challenged by other people’s demands and expectations

Are you ready to?

Explore and transform your limiting beliefs

Align with your values

Live the life you want

Find greater clarity and new perspectives

Restore balance and wellbeing to your life

Make space for what matters to you the most

What does THRIVE IN LIFE package include?

Free Discovery Call

60 minutes online call - commitment free. Great to see if we can work together, discussing your goals and answering any questions you might have.

6 Coaching Sessions

Two 60 minutes sessions per month where the deep work happens focusing around your goals.

Psychometric testing

Two professional and industry leading tests so you can learn more about your personality and play on your strengths.

Self-development ebook

Ebook for personal work with exercises and tools to design a better life.

You can still be you, authentic and beautiful, with strong boundaries and understanding of your emotional landscapes and needs. Choosing what’s serving you and what’s not. Getting rid of patterns that you keep re-playing and creating new spaces for growth and wellbeing. Inviting vital feminine energy that you already have to support you and make you feel powerful, in control while also going with the flow.

Common Topics: 


Pay as you go

€60 per session

Payment before each session

Total cost of 6 sessions: €360

Single sessions possible


Package of 6 sessions

€42 per session

Upfront payment 

Total cost: €252

or 3 monthly instalments of €84


What my clients say...

"As a person in theraphy, working with a therapist for the last 3 years, I have to admit that I was first sceptical about the idea of couching as a short term resource. I've radically changed my mind after working with Agna! I had a wonderful experience throughout the 6 sessions with her when I felt really held and seen. One of the great things about her guidance is that she is gentle yet effective in her approach. Ive always felt honoured in my boundaries and in the same time I was able to confront myself and do some real work with her guidance. Every hour spent with her felt empowering. She is natural and intuitive and has a great ability to ongoing tune into a person and be responsive to her needs on the spot. Agna has helped me to feel more confident in the transition I'm going through and has provided me with some useful resources and tools that I will benefit from now and in the future. Thank you for everything, Agna."

Interested in coaching? Let's talk

I offer a free of charge and commitment free discovery call.

Usually it lasts up to 60 minutes and it’s a great opportunity to meet and chat about your goals and challenges. And learn if coaching is for you.