Mentorship Program for women who want to create their own business or project

I’d like to invite you to join my Mentorship Program for creative women who want to focus on their passion and turn it into business. To share it with other people and to make money. Yes, make money, there is nothing shameful about that. The goal is to build something sustainable so you can enjoy doing it, while others appreciate your effort and enjoy your gifts.

If you’re committed to this journey and feel ready to turn your idea into a clearly defined business or already have something running but you feel a bit lost and not sure how to scale, you’re in the right place.

Let me tell you, there is no quick trick to make it work, but for sure there are a lot of strategies that all together will make your business idea solid. When you have it all clearly defined and have a growth strategy to implement, you don’t waste your energy on things that are a waste of time and money.


The program lasts 3 months so you can get working and actually build something rather than do a quick class but be left where you started. 

We will be working on your real business and analyse the results so you can keep growing your idea and get first clients. I will be by your side supporting you and your idea. 


Every month you will participate in:

– 1 live 60 min lecture + group mastermind sharing & feedback session

– 1 individual coaching session

– Email / Whats app support

We will focus on:


We will focus on:

1. A clear message, clear USP – unique selling proposition. This is where we will look at your (future) products or services and find a market fit.

2. Identifying your niche. You need to know who you’re selling to.

3. Your mindset. What assumptions are stopping you to be successful? About money, about your self-confidence or your abilities?

4. Your marketing strategy that you can implement yourself.

5. Your sales strategy, products & services pricing.  



SOLD OUT –  January 2020 – March 2020

NEXT EDITION –  May 2020 –  July 2020


Number of participants: max. 8 people

Monthly membership: sliding scale: 70-120 euros per month

You will have my personal attention and support to kickstart your business. How much is that worth to you? 🙂 

Who am I and why can I help you?

My name is Aga Poznanska and I’ve been helping new business owners grow their startups for last 7 years now. Helping them focus on things that make a difference to get their first clients. 

I’m a Certified Coach working with women, but also a startup advisor & mentor and a growth strategist, currently serving as a Chief Marketing Officer in an investment firm focusing on e-commerce startups. Previously I worked as a Marketing Director and EMEA Market Lead. Check out my Linkedin here.

More importantly, I’ve been supporting small businesses and creative brands as I love to see people thrive. From circus theatre company (that was my first internship in London), to crowdfunding for creative projects, working with bloggers and one person businesses that started as passion projects, 

I understand the challenges that one can face when working on a new idea and believe in holistic work -focusing on our psyche such as strengths or mental blocks, as well as concrete strategy that will deliver the first clients.

Interested? Send me an email: with “mentorship” in the subject