What my clients, who kindly agreed to share some comments, say about me
and our work together:

"Aga has an incredible ability to understand others and support them in such a way that inspires improvement and growth. Being a singer-songwriter in a busy London often challenges me with time and funds. Aga supported me in my journey to build a successful crowdfunding campaign that sucessfuly raised money for my debut record. She helped me to shape my artistic vision and helped me to discover my strenghts. Working with her contributed to my success as a musician, improved my self-esteem and also knowledge how to manage my own project on a daily basis."
"I had the pleasure to be a client of the coaching sessions with Aga Poznańska. From the first meeting during the coaching conversation, it was clear that Aga loves what she's doing. During the sessions, Aga took care to create a great atmosphere, taking care of ethical standards in working with me a client, and at the same time I had the pleasure to meet Aga as an open, warm, empathic person with high personal culture, and sincere willingness to help developing my potential. I felt safe to openly express what is on my mind. The feedback I heard from Aga was very valuable for me, so that I could look at certain issues bothering me from different perspectives. We set goals for the next coaching sessions, she was supporting me for deeper reflection. Thanks to Aga, I became convinced that it is worth developing my skills also in the field of coaching. I wholeheartedly recommend the coaching sessions led by Aga Poznanska! "
"As a person in theraphy, working with a therapist for the last 3 years, I have to admit that I was first sceptical about the idea of couching as a short term resource. I've radically changed my mind after working with Aga! I had a wonderful experience throughout the 6 sessions with her when I felt really held and seen. One of the great things about her guidance is that she is gentle yet effective in her approach. Ive always felt honoured in my boundaries and in the same time I was able to confront myself and do some real work with her guidance. Every hour spent with her felt empowering. She is natural and intuitive and has a great ability to ongoing tune into a person and be responsive to her needs on the spot. Aga has helped me to feel more confident in the transition I'm going through and has provided me with some useful resources and tools that I will benefit from now and in the future. Thank you for everything, Aga."
"I feel super grateful to have had coaching with Aga. She has a very calming and grounding presence, and helped me connect the dots with the many ideas I had but didn’t know what to do with! In the few months of coaching with Aga, I feel like I’ve overcome blocks relating to putting my ideas into action, and was able to create a clear, concise strategy. Aga’s marketing experience has also been super valuable. Thank you!"
"I had the pleasure of working with Aga as a coach for the last couple of months and I am very satisfied about the results. Few years ago I was working with a coach focusing on my career progress but this time I wanted to deepen into the intimate spheres and male-female relations. Aga showed enormous empathy and engagement during our sessions. She was always sensible, peace full, she listened to my confessions with interest and knew what to ask to encourage me to reflect deeper on the patterns I was carrying inside me. Step by step, she opened doors for me to places I didn’t know, strengthening my self confidence, trust in myself and my values, and many other aspects. Thanks to Aga, I feel at home again, returning to my intuition every day, nurturing my contacts with my loved ones and myself. Thanks to our meetings, I am more aware of my decisions and I feel that I have built a solid foundation for building a relationship with another person. I truly recommend working with Aga. Thanks to her positive energy, sensitivity and experience, the whole process of immersing in getting to know yourself becomes very pleasant and interesting. I highly recommend working with Aga!"
"Aga is a very talented and professional coach. Her empathy, attention, warmth and openness made me trust her very quickly, what allowed me to communicate openly. Working with her helped me to discover and change some important aspects of my life that previously hurt me. The personal development that the coaching sessions gave me resulted with more peace in my life, clarity of the situation and work-life balance. The effects exceeded my wildest expectations. I sincerely recommend hiring Aga as your life coach."
"Aga connects kindness and empathy with an inner wisdom and a talent to understand and dive deeper with the other person in the search of the expression of the true self. She hes helped me often to align better with myself in a calm non-invasive way and helped me see some of my stumbling blocks in different light. She believes in trying and iterating and her approach allows me distance myself from my perfectionist tendencies and act in more relaxed and focused way. She is a great listener and is deeply driven by serving others."
"Working on my lack self- confidence in every aspect of life with Aga has been quite challenging yet incredible journey. As a coach, Aga is not only a professional who supports and calmly listens to you but also poses questions which lead you to better understanding oneself or challenge you are currently facing in your life. Her empathic stance as well as a great ability to comprehend human emotions and relaxing atmosphere she creates during the sessions make the coaching experience more inspirational and encouraging. Undoubtedly, she is a talented coach and mentor. It has been a pleasure to work with her."
"I am very happy that I went though the coaching process with Aga. I've been working on myself for a long time, but only a few conversations with Aga allowed me to understand what really limits me, what I fear and what is important to me. Coaching allowed me to find a different perspective and find the potential that I could not see on my own. Aga is a very authentic person. She can listen attentively and catch important things. Thanks to our sessions, I was able to realize what steps will help me reach what I set myself as the goal of our meetings, and by the way I faced an incomprehensible fear and after 6 years of break I started to drive a car. Looking into yourself and working on yourself are not easy, but with Aga’s support, it is an effort and investment, which will definitely pay off.
"I went through the coaching process with Aga. Working with her allowed me to focus on what is important, so that I can get closer to my goal step by step. Aga is a calm coach, focused on the client and provides wise support and an action plan. I recommend coaching with Aga! "
"Before starting the mentorship course with Aga I felt confused and unsure of how to progress and move forward with my business idea. As a mother of 2 small children and living in a motorhome I was unsure if it was even possible to make my business dream become a reality. Aga’s unique set of skills; life coaching, counseling and business expertise (to name but a few) were exactly what I needed to help me move through what was holding me back. The support of the WhatsApp group and being together with other female entrepreneurs was such a inspiration and I believe we will continue to support each other even though the course is complete. I would like to thank Aga from the bottom of my heart for offering such a wonderful experience and I am hoping to continue to work with you on a one-to-one basis."